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Heart Thumping Fast
Friday, March 12, 2010 spelling out your name 9:57 PM

Finally,the 5 years of hardwork(not really for me) has finally arrive..My SPM result!!KNS!!To think that I have finish my secondary life so fast..I did not done anything meaningful in school..WTH!!

The very frightening moment,bob bob..bob bob..bob bob..

Moral A-
Sej A
Maths A
Add Maths A-
Chem A-

"Wah..Takkan straight A meh?"

Bio B+
Phys B+

KNS!Almost la..!@#$%^&*()

The story of my failure..

First paper,BM..From what I heard from my friend,I was the fastest one to complete the paper in the hall..Thank GOD I got an A+

Next,BI..The very expected result an A..Because this is where my standard is..

3rd,Moral..Answered with full of anger because I spent my time memorizing the acts and laws and bullshits everything but it did not come out..WTH!

After that,Sej..The very lucky subject which I did not study much and wrote all the common sense answers..So I shall say Malaysia government the BEST!!

Then,Maths..Very tiring paper because I spent my time studying Add Maths the day before and ended up doing the paper half asleep..Finished 1 hour before it ends and slept soundly..

Chem..Normal for me..This is what I usually get in exams..Grade B3 and Grade A2..Haiz~I thought can improve somemore..

Bio..Can't complain much because I usually got a C or D in my school exams..

Phys..Same thing..Usually got C..

Chinese..Speechless because everytime I got a D for it..

Still I'm not very satisfied with it..
But when people ask me:Oi!What's your trial result?
I answered:Erm..2As,3Bs,3Cs,1D and 1E
The immediate reply from them is:KNS!!WTF!!WTH!!SHIT U!!DIU~Complain so much for WHAT!!

Sorry lo~


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Goodbye NS~
spelling out your name 4:55 AM

The story began on 3rd of January where me,Shaun Lee,Rern Sean and Nicholas Eng met up and went together to our second house which is Kem PLKN Princess Haliza..The first day was very boring where there was no activity available and nothing at all..Only strangers around us from Sabah,Sarawak,Kuantan and Selangor..Then Emmanuel came and said hi!The first warmest greeting from a stranger..And I was shocked because he actually came to me first before I wanted to go to him..

I started to meet many different people with different family background..Jong and Dexter were the first Sabah and Sarawak friend..A very strong bonded friendship started to bloom..Went through life and death with them..So sad when I separate with them..Rachel,the second girl I know and from Sarawak after Hwei Xian(The ganas girl)..However,Rachel is no ordinary girl too(Very the ganas also)..The first person who made me sad,emo and KNS because of...SOMETHING..The most saddening part was when I am needed to separate with her..

NS,is finally over..
No more roll call with the voice...
Baris...Baris Sedia..
IC IC kompeni..Lapor!

No more PT+Titanic song

No more Cikgu Pet's voice..Hey!Wira!

No more Company Flags which stand equivalent as our life

No more sleeping with other 27 humans in one room

No more announcement:Perhatian kepada wira dan wirawati,anda dikehendaki berkumpul di Dewan Syarahan sekarang juga!

No more lectures from teachers for being misbehaving as a second highest ranking in camp..

No more friends to hang out at 5.30pm at basketball court,padang kawad and dewan syarahan

No more no more tucking in shirt,long pants and shoes for almost 24 hours..

Finally,no more NS in my LIFE..

To all my friends,it is my pleasure to know everyone of you..The very best friends,the very close friends and the very funny friends..No one can replace you all because we met by the arrangement of GOD..I really appreciate the times we have spent together,laugh together,sad together and did everything together..Remember what we had and keep it in your mind and heart..DO not forget me and my laughter,tears and ANNOYING VOICE!!!Bwahaha!!I did not intend to make you all emo but I love you all especially YOU whom I felt very sorry because I did not have enough time to spend with you..Goodbye my friends and the NS life..Maybe we will meet each other one day by chance..

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Here I Come
Saturday, January 2, 2010 spelling out your name 2:31 AM

Hey everyone..Guess the time has come(I'm not dying fyi..)..I'm leaving soon for NS!!Counting down erm..14 and a half hours..Tomorrow 9.30am bye bye..So,hereby to announce the blog is going to rot for 2 around months..So,don't miss me ar..Haha..

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National Service
Thursday, December 31, 2009 spelling out your name 11:28 PM

Well,before I forget..Good luck to those going NS tomorrow, Sunday and next Monday!!!Good luck to me too..Wakaka..Happy balding for and the guys(Me too) and All The Best!!!

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Coundown New Year
spelling out your name 10:11 PM

First of all,Happy New Year to all my family members,friends and readers!!!Yesterday I went for duty at Sungei Wang..It was total chaos and I got sprayed by the publics..Shit them..Ish!!!

Anyways,the singers and artists who came yesterday were..
Andrew Tan(陈势安)

Ah Yuk(曾洁钰)

Dong Yu Zhe(东与哲)


Rynn Lim(林宇中)

Star 3(星光三少,许仁杰,周定伟,潘浴文)

Bosco Wong(黄宗泽)

This year,there weren't many artists and singers compared to the previous year..But,it was pretty enjoyable..I was quite regret for not seeing Peter Pan(潘浴文) and Bosco Wong(黄宗泽)..I mean their faces..Just get to listen their voice(Not really that clear though)..Not many cases yesterday,was quite dull for me in terms that I din't get involve in treatments..T.T..

The whole duty the only thing I can feel is vibration..Not because of the singers and artists voices but the phone's vibration..My leg was kind of like Parkinson disease..Lol~So sorry I din't reply you guys..

After the duty,it was around 2am+..Then,we went 'yam char' at melur..Reached home about 3.30am..Then,I slept at 4am..This morning woke up,on the phone..@#$%*!..It wasn't morning..It was 1pm..Holy @#$%..There came my parents..(Hoi!What time ar now?!!Still don't want wake up ar!!!)..Anyway,will be an off day to me today..Rest for NS..And tomorrow will be having more FUN!!!

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Happy New Year
Wednesday, December 30, 2009 spelling out your name 9:02 PM

The last day of 2009..Trying my best to throw off my solemn memories..
Well,new year,new blog,new journey of my life..The pathway of life to society starts NOW!!
OMG!I really can't believe that I have been through my secondary life just like that..What I have done so far?*Nothing*..Haiz..Wasted my 5 years in secondary life..Well,it's not too late yet I guess..

Current task..

-Thinking of what to study..Haiz..Really can't get what my mind wants..Will be spending my time thinking during NS..I doubt so..

-Preparing myself for countdown duty at sungei wang..Only knowing that STAR 3(星光三少) will be coming if I'm not mistaken..This is the 1,2,3..Around the third or fourth time duty at sungei wang for countdown new year..

STAR 3(For those who do not know who are they..)

Alright,guess that's all..So, I shall wish everyone happy new year!!!

P/S:For those who kept on asking why I keep on advertising my friend's blog shop,it was because I was asked to help..So don't misunderstood me saying that I was trying to become their partner?LOL~So,again..Don't forget to visit my friend and his sister's blog shop!!!

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spelling out your name 3:02 AM

Hoo~~Tiring day ended with badminton that has lasted for 2 and a half hours..
There will be a new kick start coming shortly..Around 1 and a half days?Has everyone prepared for this whole new year..
Leave your sad memories behind your pathway of life and eventually that will be alright..

Before I forget,Happy birthday to my MOM,little girl(Ming En) and a chaos kid(Hon Chao)..Have fun celebrating your birthdays..To those going NS this saturday,sunday and next monday..Have you guys ready?I don't think so..Wait until 31st of Dec over la~

Anyways,leaving soon in about 5days countdown..I'm leaving to Sepang(Very near only la)..When I leave,this blog will be rotting itself for maybe 2 months?I guess~Will be uploading photos as soon as I get back from NS..See ya!!

P/S:Don't forget to take some time visiting my friend and his sister's
blogshop..Check cool,attractive and awesome clothes for girls..For guys,you all can buy for your mother,sisters,girl friend(If you have one) for new year gift..The price rate will be around RM30-45..Surely affordable and worthy..

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